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When Which One of These 8 Top Denture Emergencies Do You Have

1)    Broken or Damaged Dentures

If you bring your broken dentures to our clinic, we will assess and repair them, often within a couple of hours.

2)    Denture Tooth Has Fallen Out

If your denture tooth has fallen out, bring the tooth with you (if you have it). If you lost the tooth, we will ensure that you receive a replacement that matches your existing denture teeth in shape, colour and feel.

3)    Broken Clasp

If you have any broken clasps, bring the denture in for an assessment. They are usually fixed through welding or just replacing the clasp.

4)    Adding an Extra Tooth Due to Natural Tooth Loss or Tooth Extraction
It is recommended that you come in for an exam to assess whether we should add a new tooth or if a new denture needs to be fabricated.

5)    Lost Your Dentures

If you lose your dentures, a new denture will need to be designed. A temporary transitional one can be made while the new dentures are being made. This usually depends on which denture needs to be done – full or partial.

6)    Cracked/chipped Denture Tooth

Chipped or cracked denture teeth are easy to repair. HOwever, we cannot glue the broken piece back on as that comprimise the strength of the tooth and the aesthetics of it (the “look”).

7)    Relining Loose Dentures

If your dentures have become loose, you can bring them to us for a reline. Relines are adjustments made to dentures that have become loose or ill-fitting over time to make them fit more securely and comfortable for you.

8)    Broken or Weakened Denture Base
If your denture base has become weak or broken, we can rebase it. Your existing teeth remain in the same place but we would need to replace  the entire acrylic base material.


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